Top Skills You Should Learn as an Online Freelancer

Self-employment is all the rage today. Sawa na ang mga Pilipino sa stress sa traffic, sa office, sa work, at sa boss. Ngayon na ang panahon na nakita nila to take advantage of the things that are happening around us. Mahirap kapag hindi mo kontrolado ang oras mo. For this reason alone, many people resorted to freelancing. 


Ang daming offers ng freelancing sa Filipino worker. Mas malaki ang bayad, hawak mo oras mo, sa bahay ka lang at kikita ka na. If you look at it this way, wala ka na talagang hahanapin pang iba. So instead of losing time being lonely at home, invest it in something good. It’s time you learn skills that will give you income. These are some of the top skills you should learn as an online freelancer:


  Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant or VA is one of the most sensible jobs to apply for as a freelancer. The client base for VAs is so huge. It also offers a variety of tasks that need assistance for clients. It is fairly easy to work as a VA. You just need strong communication skills and a knack for administrative tasks like organization, appointment setting, handling of emails, taking calls, and many others.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential to businesses. How can a business run if accounting is not in place? Many businesses choose to outsource these tasks so they can handle more important matters in the business. You need background as a bookkeeper as there are a lot of tools available today to get the job done. For accountants, you need qualifications to help you capture the job.



Writing is a very popular niche. These days, almost everyone loves to write. It is easy and simple but the competition is stiff. Starting as a freelance writer takes passion. You need to be a specialized writer to help you win your niche in the industry.




Tutor or Coach

If there is something you are good at, you can charge people for your services in that. Tutoring and coaching are some of the best skills to use to earn income from. There are no limits to what you can offer as a service to people. You can start as an English tutor, nutrition plan assistant or adviser on a personal project. The list can go on. As long as it helps people and they are willing to pay then it’s a go.



Creativity can take you places. If you have the eye for art and beauty, you can enrol on a creative web design course. Everything is profitable in designing. You can do logo design, UI or UX design, photo editing, web designing, and so on. Web designing is a long-term job that is worth exploring. You can grow your design skills to make you a sought-after designer for many companies.

Video Editor

Just like designing, video editing can be a good source of income. We know how popular videos are these days. So the demand for video editing is high. Doing video editing is awesome because companies maintain their brand so if you work on their project, it is likely that you will work with them for a long time. 


If you want a lucrative source of income as a freelancer, programming is the key to that. But it is one of the hardest to develop. We live in an online world and codes are very important. Yes, there are available automated tools but there is something that machines can’t do and this is where the specialization of a human programmer is needed. Learning programming is great because it makes you a master in your field. The more you learn about it, the more you become an essential that companies are looking for. The key here is to always keep learning and to stay updated with the trends and technology to keep your freelance business afloat. 


An online freelancer needs skills to stay in the business. Natutunan naman ang mga skills kaya pwede kang mag-invest dito to get you started. You do not need to be the best of the best in the beginning. All you need is the right push to begin your freelancing journey. Kapag andun ka na, you will learn many things along the way through experience. This is part of what makes you an expert in your field. 


Get started in online freelancing and try learning some of these skills. Who knows where they can lead you to. Stay dedicated and committed to learning and you will go further in your career. If you want the boost to jumpstart an online freelancing career, please visit [WEBSITE].


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