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Top 10 In-Demand Services Filipinos Can Offer
Foreign Clients in 2020

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2020 is a year of many changes in the life of Filipinos and everyone else in the world for that matter. 2020 saw the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many jobs were lost. Even lives were gone. But what remains constant throughout the years is that we need to work to support our living. This year, working from home is a trend. Here are the top 10 in-demand services Filipinos can offer foreign clients this year::

Web Developer

If you are into technology, a graduate of IT, or anything related to computers, then web development is what you will love. This is a technical job that many clients are looking for because everyone has websites these days. The common things a web developer is expected to do is to create, code, maintain, and update websites. This is a profitable freelancing opportunity as it pays huge even for beginners.


Web Designer

What is a business without branding? They will be all the same, right? Web designers are in demand because they help clients and their businesses adjust websites depending on branding. You will be one of those responsible for improving user experience and making sure that a visitor enjoys and converts into a customer through a website.

Social Media Manager

The world of social media is not just to stay updated or to post. Nowadays businesses are also leveraging the power of social media to win more leads, sales, and profit. As a Social Media Manager, you will be the one in charge of all social media accounts of a business. It is your duty to manage, plan, monitor, implement and measure the success of every social media campaign.

Graphic Artist

Businesses start with a logo and that is just what graphic artists are tasked to do. This is an in-demand job because every business looks into visuals to help improve any design or marketing. Graphic artists are responsible for conceiving and creating all the marketing and digital output of a business.

Online English Teacher

If you are excellent in English then why not be an online English teacher? Many clients are looking for people who can teach English. As an online teacher, your task is to give lessons to students through video calls. You will be like a typical teacher minus the need to go to a physical classroom since everything is done online.

E-Commerce Specialist

E-commerce emerged in the past few years. These are some of the most successful ways to build a business. Clients are always looking for people to work as e-commerce specialists for their website to manage, update, maintain, and improve the lists of their products.



Content will forever be king. Writing is an online job that will never go out of style. If you can research, craft, and create compelling and enticing content, then be a writer. Every business needs a writer to produce content for them. Even better if you are familiar with SEO so you can drive more results into the business.

These are the top 10 services you can deliver to clients all around the world. The year 2020 may have slowed our lives but it can never drag us down. There are plenty of work opportunities that await you even if you are staying at home. Freelancing gives Filipinos the power to be more than they can ever imagine.

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