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Freelancing on the side while having a 9-5 job is hard. It’s not impossible but will require a lot of your sacrifice, hard work, discipline, and patience. For someone who just started dipping their feet wet in freelancing, you may get overwhelmed at first. So if you’re looking for some tips on how to balance yourself to fulfill your obligations in these two jobs, stick to this read and we’ll give you some time management know-hows for you to be able to pursue both.

Choose the side job that will fit in your extra time

First thing you need to realize is that your full-time job is your top priority. This is the one that pays your bills and your benefits. So choose a job that can be done on your extra time. This may be after working hours, on the weekends, or even on holidays. Remember, when you are starting out, a lot of sacrifices must be done for you to establish yourself in this industry.

So if you can set out for those short-term projects to work on, the better since you have limited working hours for side hustling.

Also, you need to inform your client on when you can only work for the project. With this, you can set expectations with your deadlines.

Set your schedule for

both jobs

Setting a schedule every start of the week will help you know which job to work on and when to work it. And by doing so, you won’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t ever try doing your side jobs on your working hours schedule. It won’t help your productivity, and will result in you not getting things done according to your schedule. And it’s unprofessional to use company resources for your personal business.

Have your freelance job after working hours at home, or during your work off days.

Minimize your distractions

Distractions are inevitable in every workplace. So it’s up to us to have the discipline to focus on the task at hand. We can avoid it by putting our phones away from us and having it on mute. Or by not checking on our emails from time to time. You can do these things during your breaks and after working hours.

Most people are currently working from home due to the pandemic. And it’s hard not to get distracted from the unforeseen circumstances that may occur. From your family members, to your dogs or cats, or to your neighbors. So to avoid, or at least lessen, these occurrences, have your working space situated somewhere quieter in your house.

Social media is one of the top distractions for our productivity. Lessen the use of it during working hours, and even while doing your side job at home. Well, social media is a bit toxic nowadays. So it’s not only you become productive, you also give your mental health a favor by reducing the negative things that you read in social media.


Take a break

Sacrifices must be made if you really want to make these two jobs work for you. And most of the time, it’s the “me” time that you need to let go in order to fulfill these responsibilities. But do not go to the extreme of making yourself feel burned out and affect your mental health later. It’s okay to take a break from once in a while. It’s okay to say no to a project so that you can have at least a day or two to rejuvenate your mind and body.

A tired mind and body won’t help you in the productivity that you need. Not only it will affect your performance in your side job, it may also take a toll in performing your full-time job.

Taking a time off isn’t just about having fun, it’s also necessary for you to recharge your mind and body, and refresh your brain to be able to have the level of productivity that you wanted to have.

As they say, a healthy mind is a healthy body.


Juggling two jobs is a lot of hard work, but also gives you a sense of fulfillment once you start reaping what you have sow. Success is nothing if you haven’t overcome a lot of obstacles along your path. Always envision why you are making these sacrifices, and eventually, you will see yourself in the pale where you have always imagined yourself to be at.

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