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The Super Virtual Assistant

As we previously talked about in our past blog, a virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who renders specific tasks to help businesses operate without being in the actual location.

They are professionals who work remotely to execute certain tasks like graphic design, general operations assistance, writing content, providing SEO, creating websites, and other similar tasks. 

Sure, these are different skills that take time to learn and master, but someone out there may be able to equip themselves with these.

This is where the idea of a super virtual assistant came from.

Become a Super Virtual assistant is possible

A ‘Super’ VA?

You read that right. A super VA is a person who has mastery and capability to execute all those tasks. One person to rule them all, if you will.

The concept is like that of a full-stack web developer. In that case, this is a person who can create a website from the ground up. 

Most people will think that this enormous task is not possible because it needs too much brainpower. But the brain is capable of unbelievable feats. The average adult human brain can store an average of 2.5 million gigabytes of digital memory.

This is why the idea of the super VA exists.

How does one become a super VA?

Someone out there might possess the capability to execute everything the client needs.

They can perform general VA tasks like administrative tasks, including sending out or answering emails, scheduling meetings, and booking flights for you.

That person also has a working knowledge of technical SEO and skills to be a web marketer. They can strategize how to optimize your website to be seen as the most relevant answer to a search query.

As a web marketer, they can get your ads going so that you can easily be spotted in the search results page and increase the chance of web traffic for you.

They can also function as a Web Developer. They can create custom websites for you to put your content on.

You can also ask them to design materials for you. As a graphic designer, they can create beautiful images that will speak a thousand words for you.

As a content writer, a super VA can help you whip up content for your blog. They can write blogs for any topic that’s relevant to your brand. These can go for as long as 2000 to 3000 words for evergreen content and can be short witty statements for your social media channels.

Video Editor, well, if in any case, you need someone to edit your videos, a super VA can also do it for you.

Mobile App Developer VA, yeah you get the picture. This individual is the boss.

a super successful virtual assistant comes in a great training session
a super successful virtual assistant comes from hard work

The real question is, Is it possible for a person to be a super VA?

Ideally, yes. with great power comes great training sessions.

But we highly doubt they are easy to come by. Chances are, they are already booked to give them work for hundreds of years.

But realistically, not yet.

They can be part of a rare species or have yet to evolve into their super form. As far as we know, these are too much for one individual. We have yet to see a person do all these with an equal level of skill.

The better alternative

Get a team to be part of your super VA crew.

A well-established team can function as an individual too. Most VAs have a project manager who can help delegate the work, establish a realistic timeline, and organize the team for you.

So instead of talking to everyone, you can just talk to the project manager if you need updates or pass information and instruction for your project.

You can also pick out individuals of different credentials and skill sets to meet what your business needs.

Get a team to be part of your super Virtual Assistant crew

Do you dream of being a super VA?

While you may not be a super VA yet, you can take proactive measures to be part of that elusive drive.

After all, it’s free to dream about being a super VA.

Here at, we’re all about supporting VAs in their dreams and aspirations. We want to elevate the level of freelancing and home-based Filipino workers to new and greater heights.

If through our training sesh and seminars we can produce a super VA, then well and good. We have succeeded in one part of our goal.

But whether we produce that rare individual or not, we will continue to put out content to help specialists in growing their skill sets and network.

here at On-Philippines, we can produce super virtual assistant through training and seminars
here at On-Philippines, we support our super Virtual Assistant to become successful in their dreams and aspirations

What’s in it for us? What’s the catch?

You have reached this part! You really are interested!

Simply put, the joy of knowing we have helped change a life through the skillsets we have is enough. We’ve been through a lot and we believe it’s time that we share it to the next generation. If there’s any catch, it’s that we want you to tell a soul. We want to reach every VA who wants to elevate their skills and land better clients and get paid more for their efforts.

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