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Freelance Writing Hacks You Should Know

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Freelance writing today is a lucrative opportunity to do business. As online media is becoming a big source for exchanging knowledge, more and more companies are moving online. This eventually increased content writers’ demand. As any website developed for whatever purpose, it needs some content in it.

In this read, we will give you the tips and know-hows to be a successful freelance writer. But let us know first the different niches there are in the gig writing field.

Different Types of Freelance Writing

Writing is one of the most in-demand services in the freelancing industry. A freelance writer can select from a broad variety of work categories available under the umbrella of freelance writing, based on his expertise, interests, and imagination.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing is distinct from other professional writing types. This is driven by the thoughts and emotions of the writer himself. Writing that can fall under this category includes poetry, novels, plays, tales, epics, etc.

Web Blog and SEO Writing

Web blogging and SEO writing are one of the freelance writing gigs that has a huge number of job openings today. The content of Web blogs is typically shorter than other types of freelance writing such as technical writing or study writing. These are usually written in a very casual tone and can attract many youngsters to work as freelance blog writers who want to keep up with internet buzz.

Writing SEO relates to writing Search Engine Optimization. It is a type of web content writing, where writers are expected to concentrate on keywords and other techniques for search optimization that carry traffic to their pages. The pay is generally a flat rate, and often with traffic attraction incentives.

Writing for Print Publication

These are one of the most lucrative and technical forms of writing which could fall under the copywriting umbrella. These writing forms require a defined focus, thorough research, and extensive reading. It is best suited for advertising agencies, publishers, public relations firms, etc.


Sales and Marketing Writing

 Sales and marketing writing is the freelance writing outlet most frequently involving marketing skills. When corporations across the globe go online, businesses need the services of efficient freelance writers to market their services and goods online. This typically includes writing product reports, promotional notes, online papers, and media content related to marketing and business plans.


eBook Writing

The scope for eBook writers is expanding as the Internet is becoming a broad medium. Many electronic publishing houses hire eBook writer’s services. eBook writing may also take the form of ghostwriting. This is where the book’s original author remains anonymous, or the name of someone else is added to the work you have written.


Choosing Your Niche

Now that you know the different types of writing, it is time for you to choose your strongest suit that will be your money-maker. There are a lot of freelance writing gigs in the market, and to lessen your competition, you need to find where you can be competitive.


Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

Improving one’s self is one of the best characteristics of a successful freelancer. If you are obsessed with becoming a successful writer, you can always put your writing skills to good use.

Here are the different tips that will help achieve that successful status you are aiming for:


Be a good reader

You have to be a good reader to be a good writer. Reading daily will not only allow you to improve your awareness but will also enable you to discover some skills and competencies. You can also spot famous writers writing styles in various fields including fictional, non-fictional, creative writing techniques, etc.


Be your customer to know your customer

Be your customer now, after becoming a good reader. Step forward and go one step ahead. To sell your writing, you should know well who your target audience is and exactly what they are looking for in your text.


Get a professional degree if possible

Obtaining a professional degree is important for people looking to write professionally as their long-term and full-time occupation. Just taking some short-term certificate courses from some institutes would also help you improve your competencies in your particular writing fields.


Improve content quality

The following the tips below, can will help you build an error-proof content:

  • Use words that are clear and effective. Stop making ambiguous statements that can confuse your readers.
  • Use active tense.
  • Talk to the audience. Don’t write but speak
  • Avoid using grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Avoid repetition
  • Don’t just copy your text; try to be distinctive and unique.


Remember there is always a room for improvement

Having an expert opinion about your work is always important, so don’t be afraid of critiques. Take constructive feedback and seek to integrate ideas from experts into the potential work.


Follow a well-planned strategy

Each job has its own specific requirements. So every writer must follow a well-planned strategy to create an effective piece of writing.

Writing, just like other freelancing jobs in the market, needs a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance, and passion to establish your career in the industry. So keep yourself open to more improvement as this will make or break your longevity as a freelance writer.

Pen up, and keep on writing your way to your destined success.

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