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With the advancement of technology and the Internet of Things, anything and everything about work and work environment has significantly evolved. One of the many popular jobs available if you choose to work remotely is as a virtual assistant. 

But what is a virtual assistant (VA), and what do they do?  In this article, we will talk about the basics that you need to know about VAs. 

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A VA is a highly-skilled, off-site professional who offers administrative work from a remote location. They can also provide technical and creative support necessary for any business. 

The term virtual assistant originated in the year 1990s. This is the ability to work virtually. During this time, it wasn’t a reality. But because of technology advancements, internet, and document sharing, it became a reality that we live today. 

VAs are helpful for people who do not want to have their staff work for them from where they are. Entrepreneurs and online businesses mostly utilize this. Today, even people working in social media management uses virtual support from VAs to assist them in specific tasks.

An administrative assistant is vital for businesses. But the situation won’t allow you, and you might consider getting a VA instead. These are some signs that you need a VA:

  • No space to hire an in-house administrative assistant
  • No budget to pay for full-time employee benefits
  • No office software and equipment required to run the business

What to Expect from a Virtual Assistant?

Having a virtual assistant is similar to having additional support from the staff. A VA can do anything except provide you your coffee fix. What they can do, however, is to order for you and have the coffee delivered right to your doorstep. Many VAs are capable of working out of the box. They can give support with web design, marketing, bookkeeping, and many others. 

At other times, there are VAs who specialize in a specific set of skills. VAs can also perform digital marketing, social media technical, WordPress, web development, and graphic design. In the case of a marketing or PR VA, they will be dealing mainly with the marketing and PR work. 

There are different VA types, and they specialize in various industries. Such is a real estate VA. Real estate VAs can do many different tasks, but they only work for realtor clients

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How to Start Business as a Virtual Assistant?

One of the most in-demand businesses today is starting a VA business. Because it is a booming business, it is easy and fast to start this business. As long as you have the necessary skills and equipment, you can start looking for your first client and start working as a VA.

To begin, you have to distinguish what work you can do, and for whom. It is your choice whether you will specialize in a specific task like bookkeeping or graphic design. Know whether you will concentrate on a niche market. When you decide what you can offer, set up the price, they have to pay for your services. You can rate your price per hour, or you can work with packages. This will help you win clients you can work with for the long term. 

When all else is ready, you can start with your VA business. Check your connections online and offline and promote the services you offer. You can also capitalize on social media platforms like LinkedIn or create a website. In this way, you are making it easier for people to discover and learn more about you and your services. 

You can also check telecommuting jobs and freelance boards as your source for VA jobs. 

In this modern age we live in, technology makes everything go around. People in business and entrepreneurs can’t handle everything on their own. It is normal to seek the help of other people. For additional support, services, and skills, VAs are the answer that busy people resort to. 

VAs may work remotely from their homes. But they can ultimately provide the assistance any business requires. The wonders of technology are amazing, and we are reaping the benefits because it helps companies to grow and be diverse. 

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